After founding and growing the firm for 10 years, Penina Shepherd has stepped down as the MD of ACUMEN LAW and handed over the baby to Andrew Hiesley, previously the MD of a national Law Firm with over 200 employees. With the firm’s recent accelerated growth of the two sister firms of ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW and ACUMEN PEOPLE, Andy will be busy managing the day to day business of the whole firm, helping it develop to reach new heights whilst not compromising on the values that Acumen, and its clients, hold dear.

For Penina, in the corporate world she is now CEO, but at Acumen holds the great titleof ‘Artist in Residence’! Focusing on her inner passion for creativity she’s now carrying the creative torch for Acumen, continuing working as a lawyer of course and, as always, will be seeking new adventures…

Since taking a position in the legal sector in 2002, Andy has held a number of roles including MD, Business Analytics and Operations Management. He enjoys new experiences, seeing the world, eating out as well as watching films and football.

“I joined Acumen because it is a business with a difference” Andy explains “in the legal sector Acumen is a breath of fresh air, a professional law firm that is democratically run, genuinely cares about it’s clients and conducts business in an innovative and mould breaking way.”

Penina said that when she met Andy she knew he was Acumen material, “Andy was chosen not only because he shares Acumen’s values but he also has the skills to grow the firm and help move it to the next level. Andy is a great addition to the Acumen family and I am genuinely excited about the future of Acumen with Andy at its helm.”

Photo taken by Sophie Sheinwald after the public announcement at the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION 2018 at the Grand Hotel on 09 May